Dating a lane cedar chest

Learning how to date a lane cedar chest will tell a story of someone's marriage--and perhaps one of your own as well before the 19th century notion of marrying strictly for love could be supported by a manufacturing economy, marriages were often a financial concern and both bride and groom, along with their families, brought financial responsibilities to the arrangement a bride's chest. Lane furniture as well as ed roos were popular cedar chest manufacturers during the 20thcentury, whose designs were produced in bulk and can still amount to larger value for those rare styles among them condition while an antique cedar chest might appear to be shabby or worn, this does not negate its value original condition is of course.

Determining value for old cedar chests and accordions rinker on collectibles january 25, 2002 | by harry rinker special to the morning call - freelance q: my grandmother gave me her grandmother's cedar chest my great-grandmother was pennsylvania dutch and ended up moving to iowa she was married to a civil war. In response to: re: lane cedar chest (t anderson) since no one has responded, i'll pipe inthe one way i know to restore that cedar smell is to give it a light sanding (on the inside, of course) and as far as the others inquiring as to the date of manufacture of their cedar chests, i was under the impression that if you reverse the serial number. How can the answer be improved. A friend of ours just gave us a lane cedar chest, and the finish has deteriorated somewhat over the years it appears to be shellac, but i'm not certian i want to refinish the piece, but i want to do it right and in my opinion, i only have one shot at doing it right or risk ruining the piece so i.

If you are in possession of an original lane cedar hope chest, and wish to determine its current value, check ebay to see how much your particular model is selling for at the present time the value of your cedar chest depends on its condition, the local market and level of demand you can visit a. Shop blanket chests and other antique and modern storage pieces from the world's best furniture dealers global shipping available.

Find great deals on ebay for antique cedar chest in antique chests and trunks from the early 1900's shop with confidence. The lane home furniture company manufactures a wide variety of wooden furniture, including cedar chests since cedar chests are often passed down as treasured family heirlooms, the finish can dull or scratch after extended use to restore these chests to a bright, polished finish, owners can restain them with a wood.

How old is my lane cedar chest style number is 482043 and serial number is 348090.

  • I wanted to remind everyone that if you have not replaced the lock on your cedar chest, now is the time to do it the number is with large antique lane cedar chests, i have established a reasonable range of $150-350 for any piece this varies with age, condition, and desirability i was just browsing ebay and i'm astonished what some people want.

I have a lane cedar chest serial number 356260 ,in my research i found that means the date of manf i'd june 26,1935 it is in overall good shape for its age, i have sent some pics along, but trying. What is the date of manufacture for a lane cedar chest serial number 141160 what was the year a lane cedar chest serial number 1477020 was manufactured share to: dianastrauss6 3 contributions lane cedar chest style 29450 serial 2895180 lot number 02214 278 lawrence stop asking money related questions - money is one of. New life to an old lane chest restoring the lid of an antique blanket chest - thomas johnson antique furniture restoration - duration: 4:54 thomas johnson antique furniture restoration 19,449 views. Painting a lane cedar chest advise whitdobe june 17, 2010 hi, i just picked up a lane cedar chest on cl the interior is in excellent condition but the exterior is really rough i'd like to paint it black i've done some searching on here and i see that folks recommend a bit of sanding then a couple of coats of zinzer 123 primer paint on top.

Dating a lane cedar chest
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